We proudly bring our experience and service to the towns of Ellington, Tolland, Vernon, Somers, Stafford, Willington, Broad Brook, South Windsor and Enfield, CT. 

Fertilizing & pest control SERVICES

Our company is licensed and certified to apply pesticide, fertilizer, and have the knowledge to assist you to make the right decision for a green and healthy lawn.   At each visit we monitor for insects and diseases problems and treat for weeds upon appearance.  We use slow release fertilizers which gives the lawn fertilizer in small increments.  This is a better approach to reduce the risk of nitrogen burns and leaching.

Early Spring
Balanced blend of slow release fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent.

Late Spring
Balanced blend of slow release fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent plus broad leaf weed control.

Balanced blend of slow release fertilizer with surface feeding insect control plus spot spray for emerging weeds.

Early Fall
Balanced blend of slow release fertilizer with iron to keep the grass green during stressful summer months.

Late Fall
Balanced blend of slow release fertilizer with micronutrients to enhance root development and fast green up in the spring.

Grub Control
Systemic grub control using Merit (Applied at the same time as the early summer treatment)

Lime application
Connecticut soil tends to have a low pH level.  Limestone will help correct acidy soils and raise soil pH for plants to utilize soil nutrients. 

Disease treatments
Diseases can occur do to many environmental factors.  Some can be controlled by thatch and water management or adjusting the nitrogen level.  A preventive fungicide can be applied before diseases occur.  If diseases get out of hand and no cultural methods can be done, then a curative fungicide can be applied. 

Shrub bed weed control
Pre-emergent weed control should be applied in ornamental beds at least two times a year to prevent weeds.





Lawn Maintenance
Weekly maintenance consists of grass cutting at a desired height.  We trim around all of the obstacles, and the spots where the mower cannot reach.  After the lawn is cut there are grass clippings on the road, hardscapes, or any unwanted places.  The clippings are then blown off these areas to keep a neat appearance.  If there is garbage or any unwanted items in the lawn, they are picked up and thrown away before the job is started.  We can also vacuum the lawn as were cutting to remove clippings or  leaves.

Core Aerating
 Aerating is the process of cutting round cores out of the grass and pulling them out.  This is a great way to reduce thatch, loosen up compacted soils and encourage new root growth.  When the soil is not compacted, water, oxygen, and nutrients are able to ease into the roots of the turf. 

Spring Clean Up
Every spring there is an abundance of sticks, leaves, and debris on your property.  Our job is to clean up all that mess, and to bring your lawn back to life.  We start by blowing all the debris out of the flower beds.  Then the excess sand is power swept off the grass, and the sticks are picked up.  Finally we dethatch the lawn to remove any dead grass embedded in your lawn, and then mow and bag to pick up the thatch.

Mulch & Stone
Having well mulched and maintained ornamental beds can bring up the value and appearance of the property.  Our landscape service starts out by redefining the mulch beds with a edger to keep a clean-cut edge.  The mulch or stone of your choosing is spread evenly to leave a sooth, consistent appearance.  Mulch will keep moisture in the soil, help the ground temperature from getting too hot or too cold, and minimize weeds from emerging.  

Ornamental Trimming
Shrubs should be trimmed yearly to keep their shape.  All excess clippings are then cleaned up and removed from property.  Proper trimming keeps the ornamental healthy, maintains growth, and keeps a manicured appearance.  

Fall Clean up
Every fall after all the leaves and acorns fall off the trees your yard needs to be cleaned up.  We will blow out mulch beds, and pick up branches and sticks.  Leaves, pine needles, and acorns are then blown into the woods or picked up and hauled off the property.  We complete the job by mowing and bagging your lawn.