Tree and Shrub Care Program

Nate treating shrubs for insects

For most homeowners, your ornamental trees and shrubs represent the largest portion of your landscape dollar as well as some of the more expensive items to replace.  Powered by the knowledge and experience of our CT Licensed Arborist, we are well equipped to protect and enhance your investment.  At each visit we monitor for insects, diseases, and other problems that would reduce the overall beauty and vigor of your landscape.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive strategy that will ensure you get the highest level of satisfaction from your trees and shrubs.

Spring Fertilization

Nutrients are injected into the root zone of your valuable ornamental trees and shrubs with a deep root probe to improve flowering, overall color, health and vigor.

Early Growth Protection

Insect and/or disease controls are sprayed onto targeted plants using high pressure specialty equipment to prevent and minimize damage.

Mid-Season Protection     

Extremely effective foliar application to control pests like mites that will discolor, defoliate, and destroy your valued landscape.

Fall Fertilization

Root developing nutrients are injected into the root zone to prepare your landscape for winter stresses, increase root mass and promote amazing spring color.

Fall Dormant Oil

This special treatment is designed to suffocate egg masses and kill insects in the overwintering stage to prevent damage.  Very effective on Hemlock Adelgid & Scale!

Winter Protection

An anti-desiccant spray is applied with a sprayer designed to treat tops and bottoms of foliage to reduce water loss and winter burn on conifers and evergreens.  High Gloss!

Leaf Miner Control

Systemic deep root soil injection for control of Birch, Holly, Arborvitae and Boxwood Leaf Miners that will damage and kill these plants.