Tick Control

Matt spraying perimeter for ticks

How we control them

We use a 4 step seasonal program designed for immediate control and to interfere with future breeding cycles for optimal control of ticks.

It is an odorless insect control synthetically derived from Chrysanthemum's that is safe enough to be labeled for indoor and outdoor by the EPA. Your property will be usable one hour after treatment or when the grass/treated areas are dry.


 Ticks are dreaded bloodsuckers that pose great risk, annually giving thousands of people illnesses such as, Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, Powassan Virus, and the newly found disease in CT., Anaplasmosis.

These diseases can cause paralysis in your pets and children and in rare cases even death.



Tick bites don't hurt and if you are bitten you probably wont even feel it. The best way to control ticks is to target the life cycle and treat thoroughly where they hide.